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About Bottom Time Divers

Bottom Time Divers is a small but well established, professional and friendly dive shop on the island of Cozumel, Mexico. It has been highly praised by clients who have dived with me over the years. I am very proud to have so many return clients.

My love of diving, knowledge of the reefs and marine life on Cozumel and my dedication to the comfort and safety of my clients are the priority of my business. I run most dive courses and also accommodate private groups.

If you are coming to Cozumel for the first time, please read some of my testimonials. I hope they will make you feel confident to choose Bottom Time Divers for your Cozumel diving.

About Raul

Hola, my name is Raul Platas. I am the owner at Bottom Time Divers on Cozumel. My family (wife and 5 children) have lived and worked on Cozumel for many years and have over 20 years diving experience and over 10,000 dives. I work very hard to make sure our family business is successful and well respected and my clients are happy with my service.

I am most happy when I am in the water, be it diving or fishing. My love of diving is obvious to all who dive with me. I love to observe marine life and am especially knowledgeable on the small sea creatures of Cozumel that others often miss.

I have a good knowledge of the Cozumel reef system and the unique marine life that inhabits the area. I also understand drift diving and its various changes throught the year. Whenever I am out of the water, which is not often, I enjoy time with my family, football and working out.

about raul platas


Bottom Time Divers provided superb service. The fast boat had a cover, and could hold a maximum of 6 divers. We had a group of 4 divers, and we were the only ones on the boat except for one day. Bottom Time Divers was very flexible about dive sites, times, pickup location, etc. Divemaster Raul was professional, thorough, and helpful. They cleaned — not just rinsed — our gear at the end of each day and had it set up and ready to go on the boat when we met them the next morning. They provided clean towels on the boat and bottled water, fruit, and snacks between dives. Diving was excellent, aided by Raul’s knowledge of the Cozumel reef systems.

Bottom Time Divers provided superb service

Raul is an awesome guy that listens to you and dives whatever it is that you want. No dive site is out of the way for him. He does provide some killer snacks too on the SI. Also, if you are doing multiple dives with him, he will take your gear, clean it, and have it all ready to go the next day on the boat. Top notch IMO.

Raul is an awesome guy that listens to you

Raul’s operation is top notch, fleece lined nylon wind breakers for those chilly rides durning the winter months, water, fruit and/or cookies & cake durning surface intervals. You dive your computer, we averaged over one hour of bottom time per dive. Raul still finds seahorses along with many other little critters that most divers miss in Cozumel.

Raul’s operation is top notch

We dove with Bottom Time Divers and will use them every time we are in Cozumel. They have small, fast, covered boats that only take a max of six divers. Very friendly. Will take you to any dive site. We had a number of dives that were well over an hour long. Surface intervals on a sandy beach with snacks and dry towels.

We dove with Bottom Time Divers and will use them every time we are in Cozumel