It is my pleasure to extol the virtues of an excellent dive master working out of Cozumel, Mexico. Raul Platas of bottomtimedivers provided me with a tremendous diving experience on my recent trip to Mexico. I was impressed with his expertise as well as his responsible attitude towards his customers. He never let me feel anxious or doubt his knowledge of the area. His concern for my safety was matched by his interest in my comfort. He took the time to ascertain definitively that everyone on the boat was properly prepared, knew the appropriate signals and had a good understanding of the dive plan. I especially appreciated that his day included beautiful stops at out of the way docks by lovely stretches of beach. I would recommend him to anyone, novice or expert as his communication skills extend beyond an excellent command of the English language. His manner is friendly and fun and his explanations are both concise and patiently delivered. I loved the experience and knew I was in capable hands. Kudos to Raul.