I contracted with an operator that advertised 3 tank dives and found that each was on shallow reefs and only 35-40 minute bottom times. I was not particularly good on air but still had 1000 psi left. I remembered another members post about Raul and contacted him. He had room on his boat and off we went. Well the first dive was 90′ multi-level and I did 50min. On the second, Raul worked with me and got me breathing a bit better, 50′ for 60 min. Next day first dive was 85′ and with Raul’s instruction and slow pace we saw many things others just swim right over and I did 65 min. Second was 50′ and a great 75 min. We dove to the extent of our computers no deco time and thats great. I still had 600 psi after that dive so plenty of spare in case of deco.